g and elle

cutie pie

quilty girl


tipperty toes

tomato picking

eating tomatoes







counting pumpkins



Our Labor Day weekend was made up of long car rides to barbeques with cousins, in pools I used to swim in as a child. Steak dinners with the folks. Hot, hot weather for our little beachy town (hence the half-naked child running around with popsicles). Welcoming September with a major tending to the garden. Tomato picking (and eating). Pulling homegrown pumpkins from their vines already. Granola making and lots and lots of play.

-joining Karen over at Pumpkin Sunrise.


7 thoughts on “Weekending!

  1. What a wonderful looking week-end… so much rain here. I feel warmed just looking at your pictures. 🙂 That little block calendar is just LOVELY! You are such a talented lady.

    Have a great week xo

    • Oh thank you so much Yanic! The little Autumn gnome didn’t turn out quite like I had wanted, but that didn’t seem to bother Ellie. She was surprised to see a new little gnome had come to her house. 😉

  2. over here it’s very hot and humid and overall icky. Not a fan but I know it’s short lived. Love that you were visiting family and swimming in pools that existed in your childhood!!

    • It was really neat to go back to this pool (my Grandmother owned the house for years and now it’s my Uncle’s home). Many wonderful memories from my childhood there. It was neat to have Ellie swim in the same pool. Happy week to you Karen!

  3. I wish I had a pool in jump in, it’s hot here too, but running around half naked would send my child to therapy 🙂 Thank goodness for A/C.
    Family time is fun and your tomatoes look fantastic.
    I think I’ve told you, but it bears repeating, your little Ellie is just adorable!

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