farmers market in april

fabulous finds

new chew pads

new chew pads

naps w daddy

avery toy


reading to boo

reading to boo happy

farmers market peas

bangers and mash

The dreary weather this weekend seemed to bring the mood down a bit. We all found ourselves a bit tired and grumpy but we managed to have some fun times too. We brought back out the jackets and warm hats and did our weekly farmers market run, warm coffee’s and chai tea’s in hand this time. We did a bit of yard sailing where I found the most magnificent chair (more on that find later this week)! There were naps in Daddy’s arms and lots of reading books (Ellie’s new favorite past time). In between lots of indoor play, I got in some cleaning and some sewing. I finally finished the new Ergo chew pads only to realize I had made the stripes going two different ways, cest la vie. And I finished a little softie for our friend’s new bundle of joy that arrived last week. We are hoping to visit and meet little Miss Avery soon (the picture is just the bunnie butt, I’ll post the rest when we meet baby Avery). We ended the weekend with a warm homemade dinner of bangers and mash. The farmers market spring peas I shucked myself which was quite fun. How was your weekend?

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10 thoughts on “Weekending!

  1. What lovely images as always! The bangers and mash look dee-lish, and love Ellie’s shirt πŸ™‚

    Sorry to hear the weekend had a touch of glumness, but it looks like you all coped very well πŸ™‚

    Have missed blogs and blogging while we were away, but the break did us all good. Looking forward to getting back into rhythm. Hope you are all well.

  2. Weekending for you sounded great, ours was too busy, no time for relaxing but I tried a recipe from one of Dean Ornish’s books, wild (didn’t use them) mushrooms on polenta, and it was a great success as Earl said I could fix that six days a week. P,S. Where did you get your great sweater? Someone in the family must love to knit. Love Ellie’s too.

    • sounds like you had a lovely weekend. I’ve never heard of Dean Ornish. I will have to check his books out. My yellow sweater is actually a thrift store find. I wish I could knit but just don’t have the time to learn just yet… maybe one day. For the time being, thrift store finds are where most of the knits are from. πŸ™‚

    • the gravy is my husband’s work. He’s been perfecting his recipe for some time… carmelized onions in olive oil over medium low heat, then he creates a rue by adding flour and cooks that till it medium gold in color and then he adds broth, seasoned with salt, pepper and worshteshire.

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