Weekending: Magic Dragon Edition

I’m about to photo bomb you with magical pictures of my daughter. I can’t help it. It was so much fun taking so many photos and too hard to narrow it down to only a few, so I’m including… a lot….Just to warn you. Our weekend was a nice and easy one. Visits to the coffee shop and post office. Pancakes in the morning, visits with grandma and grandpa and friends.  It just so happened that on Friday at a play date, Ellie had tried on her friend’s very special dragon wings and tail and loved them so much that I asked my friend where she had gotten them. I was told they were handmade by a local artisan. Well, as we were downtown sending things off at the post office, we literally stumbled onto a holiday craft faire where the exact same dragon wings and tail were purchased! It was fate!  Jeff gave the go ahead for Ellie to pick out and take her very own set home. Ellie was completely transformed as soon as she put the dragon wings and tail on. She took off running down the avenue shouting, “I’m a dragon!” It was quite the sight. Later that afternoon we went back downtown with my parents. They had a live music event where they had shut the main streets down. Ellie danced her way through the town, still dawning her dragon suit. She captured everyone’s attention (even getting on the main screens at the music event). We danced our way down to the beach for a walk before dinner and Ellie enjoyed dancing in the puddles and chasing her Grandparents and Jeff and I enjoyed snapping photos and enjoying the magic that is our daughter.
dragon dance


shes a star







sunlight too




see you

dragon light

dragon tale




catch me

mama catch you


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9 thoughts on “Weekending: Magic Dragon Edition

  1. Ellie has warmed my soul this morning with my tea! I got absolutely no sleep last night so I needed a big smile. Gorgeous photos as always, I love the sunset (we don’t them here in the mountains). The light captures the magic of her dragon-ness perfectly.
    Hope you’re doing well x

  2. Love to see Ellie totally taking on the role of a dragon. What a cute idea someone had for a simple dress up outfit. She’s such a cutie, everyone must love watching her, however, she doesn’t care if they do, or at least she doesn’t seem to notice, just enjoys a great adventure. I think this is more than three thoughts but one more. I love seeing my kid enjoying your kid. He sure is a looker. Hard to figure out why someone wouldn’t hire him on the spot, if one was a female hiring agent, right?

    Great pics.

  3. Ok. That totally looks like Ventura. There aren’t enough clues in the pictures for me to be absolutely certain, but I’m pretty sure. I grew up near there. Please tell me I’m right. I do so miss that place. And great dragon pictures!

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