Happy April! (and another swap)

As always, I  start every first of the month with “rabbit, rabbit, rabbit!” (A saying of good luck my family has been using for decades). I can’t believe it’s already April! My, the year is already going by so quickly.

rabbit, rabbit, rabbit

calendar switch

I love switching out my calendars every month. It seems to give the month a fresh slate.

april kitchen

We’ve been busy around these parts. Gardening, reading, playing and crafting. After finishing up with the lovely blogger swap a couple of months ago, another blogger mentioned wanting to do one for the children. I know how much Ellie LOVED receiving the beautiful nature satchel from my swap, so I thought it might be fun to do another one especially for her. So I signed us up. Ellie, I believe, is the youngest of the children swappers but she can paint and collect rocks like the best of the them and so that is exactly what we did.

And I added in a little spring time fairy I hand sewed to complete the swap gift.


These were all rocks and shells Ellie found on the beach and one pine cone from our local park. And Ellie was happy to paint for a new friend. We packed everything up this morning and sent it off to our blogger swap buddy. We’re hoping she likes it.

the goods

burlap satchel

spring fairy

Thank you to Marcela for putting on the children’s blogger swap! We had a fun time participating! And Happy April to all of you!


7 thoughts on “Happy April! (and another swap)

  1. How do you find all these swaps? I (and my family) would love to participate. But I only seem to ever hear of them when you guys are talking about what you all swapped!

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