farmers market carrots

which veggie

chai morning


M's gift


balloon land

spring bday

tambourine gal

shake shake

drum beat




bunny baby

family shot

bye bye balloon


nana bye bye



What a glorious weekend we had. Saturday began with a trip to the farmers market. These trips used to be quick, but now are whole morning events, discovering the world around us a few toddler steps at a time. After nap we headed out to Los Angeles for a very special birthday party. (And yes that was a Cory creation on top of that birthday present). We all had such a wonderful time and Ellie especially enjoyed herself. All the balloons, the music, the petting zoo and Gramma and a slew of other relatives we hadn’t seen in a long while. It was a magical day for this little one.
Sunday we spent the day with Nana and Papa before they headed off to the airport back home to Boston. It was a wonderful afternoon spent with them and a fabulous two months of them visiting. We’ll miss them immensely (but we’ll get to see them this summer when they return for a couple of weeks).

* Weekending with Amanda!