ring sling 1

ring sling 2

ring sling 3

char char suns

linus poses

tea for two

farmers market ventura

farmers market onions

farmers market greens

salad yum!

grandpa superman

gramma reads

picnic out back

loungingIt’s been a lovely weekend so far. It has warmed up and almost feels like early summer around here. We spent a lot of time outside, enjoying the sunshine and the warm breezes. Lots of sling dancing to The Beatles with the babe, dogs sunning themselves out on the deck, tea in the morning (because it’s still pretty chilly before nine, it is after all still winter). There have been visits from Gramma and Grandpa, the weekly farmers market visit, salads from farmers market produce (this week we tried some japanese dandelion greens that we’re amazingly tasty!), and picnic lunches and reading out  in the grass. You can’t ask for a better weekend! How was your weekend?


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