cookies for lauren

wet ground


dog in the rain

diaper laundry

rain drops

foggy morning

colorful market

farmers market jan

live music

gramma at the cafe


foggy beach walk

foggy surfer


antique market jan

first feet in the sand

big clouds

ellie likes marina park

baby love

For such a low-key weekend it was certainly a busy one. It was rainy and wet off and on throughout the weekend so we were inside for a good part of it.  Cloth diaper laundry was done, cookies were made for a cousin on bed rest and we got out for the occasional wet dog walk too. When it wasn’t raining it was foggy. There was a foggy but colorful trip to the farmers market and we went to lunch with the grandparents at a local spot with some nice live music and rice milk chai latte’s (yay!). We took a chilly and foggy beach walk before the rain came in again for the night. Sunday was wet in the morning but perfect weather for a visit to the antique market and a beautiful walk through Marina Park. We got our compost bin up and running too this weekend. Our worm bin was a fail last year on the balcony in Orange County, so we shall see how the compost bin goes. The wet weather is supposed to return this week. I know I’m being very Californian in saying this, but I’m ready for spring. What did you do this weekend?

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4 thoughts on “Weekending!

  1. Saturday was laundry day, reading The Racketeer, rained hard here all weekend, did some drawing for a new painting. Sunday was out for breakfast day and hit the co-op for groceries, and relaxed most of the day. RAined too much so no walks with Emily that day either. Ah, maybe we did get a short walk in Saturday. It was all in all a nice weekend however. Love your photos. Set up a folder for Ellie’s pics now, but don’t know how to take the ones out of Dad’s family and put them in her own folder. There’s got to be some way to do that but haven’t figured it out yet. I will. Keep the blog going, it’s always fun to see what’s going on with you and your beautiful family and great photos. Oh, why is the tomato in the bin already, looked pretty good to me? Gramma xoxoxox

    • sounds like you had a nice weekend too. The tomato is actually a rotten apple. Looks good from far away but was soft and moldy up close. yuck! Love you lots Gramma! Thank you for visiting my blog!

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