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farmers market




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watching the parade


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It was a very green weekend. Happy St. Patricks’ day to you! The fog rolled in and stayed thick until sunday afternoon. It seemed winter was upon us again. Ellie and Jeff seemed to be feeling better so we did our usual farmers market on saturday but stayed for the annual St. Patricks’ Day Parade downtown. Let me tell you, Ventura has some interesting parade people. It was fun and Ellie seemed to enjoy the marching bands and the chaos of it all. Jeff’s parents joined us and we invited them back to our place for potato and leek soup and hot cocoa. It was chilly that day! Ellie has been trying all sorts of new foods, peas, pear, squash, sweet potato. She surprisingly seems to enjoy the veggies over the fruits. I’ve been trying to add in solids regularly now these days, but it’s harder than I thought trying to make baby food and determining when to feed her etc. We’re working out the kinks as we go.

Sunday we celebrated my Mom’s birthday (it’s the 19th but she has to work). We drove up and over the grade, through the pea soup fog and into a much sunnier and warmer area of Southern California. We spent the day gardening and relaxing and enjoying each other’s company. I made a lemon pound cake for my Mom, that I couldn’t get out of the pan. We dug into it with spoons. Very Good weekend. How was yours?


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8 thoughts on “Weekending!

    • Renee, I’m having a tough time with solids actually! I’m an anxious wreck! And you would think I would know what I was doing having working with infants in a childcare environment for years before! I just don’t know quite where to start. I’m wanting to do baby led weaning but afraid of the choking aspect. Plus, I don’t want my breastfeeding relationship to suffer with the addition of new foods. We are taking it one day at a time and going from there. šŸ™‚

      • It’s okay – I was like that, too (what am I saying – I’m still an anxious wreck some days over here and Bea is now 18 months! Eeep!). The choking aspect really scared me, too – there were times Bea would gag and I’d be alone and oh so scared! I just introduced one food element at a time and I breastfed either before or after the meal to keep my supply steady. One day at the time is good practice…and going with the flow (sometimes not so easy). I hit a point, too, when Bea refused to eat anything but rice cakes and houmous! That was not fun for me, but she outgrew that phase. Phew. Now there are new phases…it’s quite the journey, eh? Take care and enjoy – ‘speak’ soon šŸ™‚

      • I had the same issue with my first born (now almost 3) she really didn’t take to solids at all, every baby food that other baby’s seemed to love she wouldn’t touch. and then she would choke on almost everything that she didnt end up eating many solids until she was 1.5 years old, a little exhausting for me as that meant she got most of her calories from breast milk. we did the baby led weaning.. sort of.. I believe in toddler nursing and she nursed until her sister was born. the good thing to realize is that they can grow and be perfectly healthy with breast milk and that every kid grows at different rates. I personally don’t like the BMI index as genetics play a large part on a child size. our 3 year old is very petite and doesn’t have a very strong appetite, her 4.5 month old sister on the other hand is a little sumo tank!

      • It’s good to hear. I keep reading they will be just fine with breastmilk for quite some time but often get mixed messages from friends and even our ped. I very much believe in extended breast feeding as well and hope we can continue past a year. šŸ™‚

    • The parade was something else! It certainly showed off this town’s ecclectic/hippy side that’s for sure! šŸ™‚ Ellie has been wanting to join us in eating for awhile but I didn’t think she was quite ready until just recently. It’s an adventure this food thing- let me tell you!

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