{this moment}

“A single photo. No words. Capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember” -joining soulemama.





finished softie


kitty tail


birthday ball


gramma games


reading with g






farmers market


pickled food

carrots and onions


teething basket girl




taking out loot home




playing in the dirt


tree exploration


california sign


butterfly fall


sunlight dips down


A friend’s first birthday party (the cat softie revealed in full) and Gramma and Grandpa over for burgers and playtime with Ellie, on Saturday.  A Sunday in Ojai, visiting the farmers market, walking around the local parks and checking out the local bookstores. It was a nice, seemingly quick autumn weekend.

How was yours?

-joining Amanda over at The Habit.








Jeff and Ellie were under the weather this weekend so we stayed close to home and rested most of the time (they rested, Mama cleaned and organized).



Ellie has been really into watching Jeff and I do our morning routines in the kitchen. She always wants sips of my tea or coffee. Instead of telling her “no” once again, I decided to make her a quick little felt tea bag of her own to pretend with. She seemed to like the idea and the tea bag came out rather nicely for a quick hand sew.

playing houseLots of indoor play with corks and ramekins and a runner Ellie found in the closet.

give thanksI worked on new decorations for the holidays with a cup of freshly brewed coffee (Jeff and I are generally tea drinkers but we thought we’d try fresh brewed coffee this week).

nature displayA kitchen nature display. A happy space of mine.

How was your weekend?

– joining Amanda over at The Habit!





It was a pretty uneventful weekend here. We spent a lot of time walking around, Ellie’s new favorite thing to do. Walks around the block, walks downtown, walks through the farmers market, walks in the morning with the dogs, walks in the evening with the dogs. We are a walking family these days. Saturday we did walk on down to our neighborhood’s annual Halloween block party. It was fun and festive with Ellie’s favorite song “What Does The Fox Say?” playing at least three times while we were there. She danced and enjoyed all of this newfound independence. Sunday we had pumpkin ginger waffles for breakfast! They were so good, I declared them our new sunday before Halloween tradition. Groceries were bought, errands were run, the World Series was watched (go Red Sox!), naps were had and we had Gramma and Grandpa over for a curry pork chop with saffron couscous, sunday dinner (Jeff cooked and yes, I know I am VERY lucky to be married to a man who’s not afraid of the kitchen). It definitely feels like fall here by the beach by the way and I’m enjoying every minute of it! How was your weekend?

walking downtown

i like to walk

waiting for the block party

the stoop

the block party

spooky house


they're playing my song

pumpkin waffles

reading on sunday


smile ellie

(this last shot is me asking Ellie to “smile” – what a ham!)

-joining Amanda at The Habit!




a morning at the zoo




peekaboo barn


zoo mural


giraffe mama and baby






mama on the tree


end of the harvest


lemons galore!


banjo man


pretend play


morning reading


zuccini muffins



pink baby pumpkins


afternoon light

A weekend filled with Oatmeal Pancakes (my Grandmother’s special recipe) and chai tea.

Early morning zoo visits in the “pack a pack” and seeing the giraffe babies and Mama.

The end of summer garden bounty was collected. The garden cleared out for new winter plans.

An abundance of lemons and oranges and hot peppers were picked and put out for neighbors to bring home if they so liked. It was fun watching people walk or drive by and smile when they saw the “free” sign.

Banjo’s were practiced.

Early morning books were read to Char Char as she sat close to the heater and to Ellie.

Pretend play with stuffed vegetables and strainers.

The most amazing zucchini muffins were made again.

Pumpkins we grew ourselves (not that well) were picked and explored and then given to “pink baby” to rest her tired dolly body against (and yes, that is a hand-sewn rainbow jumper Pink Baby is sporting. Her regular attire was sadly splashed with baby pee and so we had to come up with transitional outfit. I think it suits her just fine).

The light shone just right to remind us that even though it’s hot and dry, the daylight hours are changing, signaling that fall is here.


A quick, but glorious weekend! How was yours?

– joining in with the lovely Amanda over at The Habit!