ellie plays the uke

play mats

hero dolls

g mas house

gpa plays

blue skies

first carrot

uke again



i can play

john b

carrot cake

It was quite the musical weekend as you can see. One of my life long goals was to learn how to play the guitar, so that I could accompany myself singing. Eventually it evolved into wanting to learn so that I could sing and play along with the children in the preschools I taught at and now, it’s become about  playing simple songs while singing with Ellie. Jeff has inspired me with his eagerness to master the banjo. He’s less than a year in and can play so well already.  I felt it was time I tried and I thought maybe something smaller like the ukulele would be just the thing for me. Jeff agreed and even went searching for ukulele’s on his own the other day for me.   He’s going to learn right along with me in hopes of us helping each other.

Everyone got in on the ukulele action though. We brought it to my parents house on saturday for dinner and then my parents came over tonight and we jammed into the evening. It felt so good to be able to play a simple tune and sing along with it. I’m loving the ukulele already. Ellie is enjoying her jam sessions too.

We also enjoyed two lovely homemade dinners this weekend, lots of crafting during naps and swimming lessons and some fantastic “trial birthday cupcakes”.

A very nice weekend indeed. How was yours?

-joining in Weekending with Pumpkin Sunrise.




a morning at the zoo




peekaboo barn


zoo mural


giraffe mama and baby






mama on the tree


end of the harvest


lemons galore!


banjo man


pretend play


morning reading


zuccini muffins



pink baby pumpkins


afternoon light

A weekend filled with Oatmeal Pancakes (my Grandmother’s special recipe) and chai tea.

Early morning zoo visits in the “pack a pack” and seeing the giraffe babies and Mama.

The end of summer garden bounty was collected. The garden cleared out for new winter plans.

An abundance of lemons and oranges and hot peppers were picked and put out for neighbors to bring home if they so liked. It was fun watching people walk or drive by and smile when they saw the “free” sign.

Banjo’s were practiced.

Early morning books were read to Char Char as she sat close to the heater and to Ellie.

Pretend play with stuffed vegetables and strainers.

The most amazing zucchini muffins were made again.

Pumpkins we grew ourselves (not that well) were picked and explored and then given to “pink baby” to rest her tired dolly body against (and yes, that is a hand-sewn rainbow jumper Pink Baby is sporting. Her regular attire was sadly splashed with baby pee and so we had to come up with transitional outfit. I think it suits her just fine).

The light shone just right to remind us that even though it’s hot and dry, the daylight hours are changing, signaling that fall is here.


A quick, but glorious weekend! How was yours?

– joining in with the lovely Amanda over at The Habit!




topol park

the bridge

pushing the stroller


peekaboo ellie


we brought home a banjo

yay banjo!

more books

dinner at grammas

homecooked meal

liberty blue

d and b

tired baby

A pretty low-key weekend again. We are all still getting healthy from a head cold that made its way through the house, so we decided to take it easy. Lots of reading of board books around these parts. I do declare, we have a lover of books around these parts. We did however head out to the next town over to bring back a special early Christmas present back for Jeff. A banjo. He’s been wanting one for a while now and we found one this weekend at a price we couldn’t pass up. He’s been practicing all weekend and loving it! And I have to say, it’s always been on my “perfect husband list” to marry a man who played an instrument. Now, hopefully in a few months I can cross that off the list and declare him “the perfect husband”.

We spent the morning, after picking up the banjo in town, walking around and milling about. Ellie’s new favorite thing is  pushing her umbrella stroller around (she LOVES umbrella strollers and ONLY umbrella strollers. Don’t try to stick her in anything else, unless it’s Gramma and Grandpa’s push car).

Sunday was spent reading and relaxing and then a special dinner at my parents house. A lovely dinner, a lovely walk afterward and a lovely weekend over all.

How was your weekend spent?

-joining Amanda at The Habit!