a morning at the zoo




peekaboo barn


zoo mural


giraffe mama and baby






mama on the tree


end of the harvest


lemons galore!


banjo man


pretend play


morning reading


zuccini muffins



pink baby pumpkins


afternoon light

A weekend filled with Oatmeal Pancakes (my Grandmother’s special recipe) and chai tea.

Early morning zoo visits in the “pack a pack” and seeing the giraffe babies and Mama.

The end of summer garden bounty was collected. The garden cleared out for new winter plans.

An abundance of lemons and oranges and hot peppers were picked and put out for neighbors to bring home if they so liked. It was fun watching people walk or drive by and smile when they saw the “free” sign.

Banjo’s were practiced.

Early morning books were read to Char Char as she sat close to the heater and to Ellie.

Pretend play with stuffed vegetables and strainers.

The most amazing zucchini muffins were made again.

Pumpkins we grew ourselves (not that well) were picked and explored and then given to “pink baby” to rest her tired dolly body against (and yes, that is a hand-sewn rainbow jumper Pink Baby is sporting. Her regular attire was sadly splashed with baby pee and so we had to come up with transitional outfit. I think it suits her just fine).

The light shone just right to remind us that even though it’s hot and dry, the daylight hours are changing, signaling that fall is here.


A quick, but glorious weekend! How was yours?

– joining in with the lovely Amanda over at The Habit!



11 thoughts on “Weekending!

  1. so generous with your garden produce, wish I was there. At least you have pumpkins, I’ll have to buy mine if I want them. I’m sure the banjo music was uplifting and made the weekend!!

    • we have so many lemons in our tree and not enough recipes to do things with them… it was also nice seeing people stop their cars and grab a few smiling the whole time. šŸ™‚ Thank you for reading!

    • Yes, it was a lovely, warm weekend. Now it’s cooling off ever so slightly. It’s nice to have the warmth of the sun but I think I’m ready to bundle up in sweaters. You have a wonderful week as well Renee!

    • with all of us in the same house all day, all week, it’s nice to get out and do things on the weekend and much easier driving anywhere with Dad. šŸ™‚

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