ellie plays the uke

play mats

hero dolls

g mas house

gpa plays

blue skies

first carrot

uke again



i can play

john b

carrot cake

It was quite the musical weekend as you can see. One of my life long goals was to learn how to play the guitar, so that I could accompany myself singing. Eventually it evolved into wanting to learn so that I could sing and play along with the children in the preschools I taught at and now, it’s become about  playing simple songs while singing with Ellie. Jeff has inspired me with his eagerness to master the banjo. He’s less than a year in and can play so well already.  I felt it was time I tried and I thought maybe something smaller like the ukulele would be just the thing for me. Jeff agreed and even went searching for ukulele’s on his own the other day for me.   He’s going to learn right along with me in hopes of us helping each other.

Everyone got in on the ukulele action though. We brought it to my parents house on saturday for dinner and then my parents came over tonight and we jammed into the evening. It felt so good to be able to play a simple tune and sing along with it. I’m loving the ukulele already. Ellie is enjoying her jam sessions too.

We also enjoyed two lovely homemade dinners this weekend, lots of crafting during naps and swimming lessons and some fantastic “trial birthday cupcakes”.

A very nice weekend indeed. How was yours?

-joining in Weekending with Pumpkin Sunrise.


Ten Things

Ten things that are making me happy right now …


1. A happy window ledge adorned with leaf specimens from our walks around the neighborhood.


2. New nature guides to help us really get to know our local flora and fauna.

newly beeswaxed peg people

3. Newly beeswaxed handmade peg people.

taproot4. Taproot and the wonderful garden planner that came with it (I love Phoebe Wahl’s art)!
sending out peg people5. Sending out my Etsy store orders!! Yay!

independent play

6.. Independent play.

home art

7. New pieces of art for the home.


8. New summer toys for Ellie’s play table and watching her play with them!


9. Flowers blooming in our backyard.


10. Jeff’s hops growing beautifully in the ground!

what ten things are making you happy at the moment?