Ten Things

Ten things that are making me happy right now …


1. A happy window ledge adorned with leaf specimens from our walks around the neighborhood.


2. New nature guides to help us really get to know our local flora and fauna.

newly beeswaxed peg people

3. Newly beeswaxed handmade peg people.

taproot4. Taproot and the wonderful garden planner that came with it (I love Phoebe Wahl’s art)!
sending out peg people5. Sending out my Etsy store orders!! Yay!

independent play

6.. Independent play.

home art

7. New pieces of art for the home.


8. New summer toys for Ellie’s play table and watching her play with them!


9. Flowers blooming in our backyard.


10. Jeff’s hops growing beautifully in the ground!

what ten things are making you happy at the moment?




3 thoughts on “Ten Things

  1. I see Nana’s vase in one of the nicest pictures. Your love of “things”, special things make me think of so many of mine. They mean a lot to us, our things.

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