topol park

the bridge

pushing the stroller


peekaboo ellie


we brought home a banjo

yay banjo!

more books

dinner at grammas

homecooked meal

liberty blue

d and b

tired baby

A pretty low-key weekend again. We are all still getting healthy from a head cold that made its way through the house, so we decided to take it easy. Lots of reading of board books around these parts. I do declare, we have a lover of books around these parts. We did however head out to the next town over to bring back a special early Christmas present back for Jeff. A banjo. He’s been wanting one for a while now and we found one this weekend at a price we couldn’t pass up. He’s been practicing all weekend and loving it! And I have to say, it’s always been on my “perfect husband list” to marry a man who played an instrument. Now, hopefully in a few months I can cross that off the list and declare him “the perfect husband”.

We spent the morning, after picking up the banjo in town, walking around and milling about. Ellie’s new favorite thing is  pushing her umbrella stroller around (she LOVES umbrella strollers and ONLY umbrella strollers. Don’t try to stick her in anything else, unless it’s Gramma and Grandpa’s push car).

Sunday was spent reading and relaxing and then a special dinner at my parents house. A lovely dinner, a lovely walk afterward and a lovely weekend over all.

How was your weekend spent?

-joining Amanda at The Habit!


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