A New Dress From Gramma

My mom the quilter made Ellie’s first birthday dress, after I showed her a picture of one I had pinned on Pinterest. It was such a great all around dress, easy to get on and off, easy for Ellie to move in and just all around adorable… I told her it would be so very nice if Ellie had more of the same dress. This weekend, my wonderful mother whipped up another one for this walking girl of mine and of course there had to be a little photo shoot and of course, I have to share it here…

happy girl

ellie all over

sweet baby




cutie pie

waving 1

waving 2


Thank you Gramma!


8 thoughts on “A New Dress From Gramma

    • I like hearing that Cory because I really think she looks so much like her Daddy. I don’t see it. Maybe because she’s a blondie and I never thought I would have a blond child. Whoever she looks like, she’s awful cute if I do say so myself. 🙂

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