Jeff and Ellie were under the weather this weekend so we stayed close to home and rested most of the time (they rested, Mama cleaned and organized).



Ellie has been really into watching Jeff and I do our morning routines in the kitchen. She always wants sips of my tea or coffee. Instead of telling her “no” once again, I decided to make her a quick little felt tea bag of her own to pretend with. She seemed to like the idea and the tea bag came out rather nicely for a quick hand sew.

playing houseLots of indoor play with corks and ramekins and a runner Ellie found in the closet.

give thanksI worked on new decorations for the holidays with a cup of freshly brewed coffee (Jeff and I are generally tea drinkers but we thought we’d try fresh brewed coffee this week).

nature displayA kitchen nature display. A happy space of mine.

How was your weekend?

– joining Amanda over at The Habit!