Spring joy!

The glory of spring is upon us! We’ve been out and about enjoying one of the most beautiful spring’s I can remember here in California. Hikes to find wildflowers with friends, having picnics by the ocean and watching the pelicans fly above us, and celebrating my Mom’s birthday by heading up north to find sand dollars on a special, hidden beach. We’ve been in and out of creek beds, finding frogs and tiny toads… spotting bluebirds and heron and egrets. It’s been a beautiful spring so far. I so hope the breezy weather and green hills stick around for awhile. We’re loving it so very much!




finished softie


kitty tail


birthday ball


gramma games


reading with g






farmers market


pickled food

carrots and onions


teething basket girl




taking out loot home




playing in the dirt


tree exploration


california sign


butterfly fall


sunlight dips down


A friend’s first birthday party (the cat softie revealed in full) and Gramma and Grandpa over for burgers and playtime with Ellie, on Saturday.  A Sunday in Ojai, visiting the farmers market, walking around the local parks and checking out the local bookstores. It was a nice, seemingly quick autumn weekend.

How was yours?

-joining Amanda over at The Habit.