give thanks wreath


christmas music


this cute girl


The Christmas music has been turned on (much earlier than ever before), crafts are being worked on here and there, beer is brewing, twinkle lights are making their way inside, Turkey Day menu has been gone over ( and over) and many more preparations for Thanksgiving at our house are underway. Hoping you all have a lovely week!


10 thoughts on “Preparing

  1. There’s our Herb Alpert record. I think I might get my Christmas music going now too. Nah, I’ll wait till Friday. Kind of a tradition in our family. Can’t play it too much because the Grinch is not too fond of it. Happy Thanksgiving dear granddaughter and your wonderful family. Love you.

    • I am (was) the same way. I always started listening to the christmas music the day after Thanksgiving but something in me this year made me turn it on earlier. Maybe I was too excited about sharing it all with Ellie. She’s loving it all, especially your Herb Alpert album! šŸ™‚

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