Our Summer in a Nutshell

It has been very difficult keeping up with this blog. I think about it often. I want to come back here daily, like I was doing so long ago, but finding the time has become such a trial.  I’m either busy with day to day Ellie and Me things or crafting, or painting, or re-watching Outlander for the 30th time (or reading the books)… it goes on and on. The fact is, I just need to make time for documenting in this space again. I thought I’d start by catching up on photos from our summer. It was such a busy, wonderful three months. I can’t believe autumn is only weeks away now. However, you can already feel it in the evening cool air.

Our summer started off with the busiest month, June. After my husband’s birthday in late May, my mom and I were invited to New York City for a quick weekend to be apart of a fantastic charity event.


After returning from NY, Jeff, Ellie and I headed up to San Francisco for my dear friend and mentor’s wedding. We enjoyed our mini vacation in beautiful northern California. I showed Jeff and Ellie my Alma Mater (San Fran State University), went into the city to enjoy some sightseeing and stopped in Monterrey on the way home, for a trip to the aquarium .
And believe it or not, the following week, we all got on a flight and headed to Boston for a week long trip to see Nana and Papa.
We came home after a whirlwind month of June and I celebrated my 35th birthday, with lots of fun Scottish goodies. Yes, everyone knows these days that I am a little obsessed with a certain show called Outlander.
July started with a bang! Ellie rode her bike for the first time all the way through the annual push me pull you parade and then she got to stay up for her first ever fireworks show. She was very excited!


After the fourth, we enjoyed the lazy days of summer. Lots of beach days, swimming and summer play.
August came quickly and with it, Ellie’s fourth birthday. She’s heavy into Disney and Princess’ these days and so we thought a first trip to Disneyland, despite the scorching heat that an August visit brings, would be a fantastically fun way to celebrate.
(painting of Ellie by my Grandmother)

Well, now you’re all caught up! It was a really nice summer. Busy but lovely and fun. Hoping I can get back into the habit of writing in this space. I so miss documenting our days.


4 thoughts on “Our Summer in a Nutshell

  1. what an epic summer! oh my goodness. i wish i had such a good excuse for being absent from my blog! i think summer often pulls us away. those long days are so short really 😉 that painting of ellie is sooooo wonderful! what a treasure! and did you make those hand stitched ponies? they are darling! as far as the blog goes… this quote has been on my own mind and made me think of you after reading your opening lines… “never give up on something you can’t go a day without thinking about.” -winston churchill

    • Hi Jenny! Hope your summer went well!
      I do love that quote and it will hopefully get me going again on blogging more frequently. I do so miss it.
      I did not make the ponies. I bought those from woolfood on etsy! Aren’t they darling?!

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