Another 52 Project catch – up!

eloise: On our way to the Annual Fourth of July parade. This is the first time you rode on your own bike, all the way through!!

eloise: The Princess Days. I thought we would make it out unscathed by Disney but you are in it. Deep. Trying to embrace it and roll with it and make sure there are lots of other influences as well. You do make a lovely (albeit messy) princess though.

eloise: It wouldn’t be summer time without a messy fudge sicle photo!

eloise: Happiness is your first Disneyland parade! Happy Birthday sweet girl!

eloise: One thing that makes me feel better about the Princess thing, is that you have always managed to wear that ball gown AND want to help Dada hammer some nails in the garage at the same time. I love that about you.

Eloise: You are so curious about animals lately. You want to know more about the Tasmanian devil and the Aye-Aye and are getting more into the monthly birds, Mama makes for you. I love helping you extend these interests and watching you explore the world in a new way.

eloise: Bug girl extraordinaire!

Eloise: It wouldn’t be summer without the throw up bug. Fighting this yucky bug for the last week or so. Off and on not feeling so well. I hate seeing you sick but you are a sport and we do get to catch up on cuddle and movie time.

eloise: End of the summer water play at our local splash pad. You sure are a ham! (notice the giant boo boo patch that you insisted on having after getting a slight scratch). You are quite the ham but also quite the dramatic. A true four-year old.

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