Catching up with the Portrait Project

Busy, busy, busy… I can’t remember a time I wasn’t this busy in my day to day life. Making things, selling things, parenting, preparing for homeschooling, planning, and more making and parenting and of course throw some cleaning and laundry in the day to day too. I don’t know how mothers do it all, because I’m certainly playing “catch-up” constantly.

One more thing I’m behind with… this year’s Portrait Project. Let’s try catching up shall we?

eloise: You are taking an American Ninja Warrior class on Friday mornings. (i.e. gymnastics or jumping around on big pieces of foam). You are very serious about these classes and listen intently to the instructors. It’s fun to watch you learn new ways to move your body. And of course, the outfit is ridiculously cute.

Eloise: A bright and warm day in San Francisco. We stumbled upon this Frida garage door and Ellie immediately did a Frida dance in front of it.

Eloise: Another shot from our trip to San Francisco. This little one loved the wedding selfies she could take. She kept going back for more. I love the scraped knees and sneakers. Classic Ellie.

eloise: The following week in Boston, at Nana and Papa’s house. This kid was all about the pool. Swimming like a little fish and loving it!

eloise: One more crazy girl swimming photo from Boston. Food in the mouth, excited beyond belief to be able to swim and adorable in her new swimsuit. This photo says Summertime if I ever saw one. (p.s. Doesn’t her face in this one mimic the swimmy she was wearing in the last photo?) 😉


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