Weekending: Easter Edition

We had such a lovely Easter celebration this past weekend. We celebrated with family on Saturday because of work schedules and such and it was a truly lovely day having all my family in one place. Jeff cooked an amazing roast, I made several different types of salads and we had all the Easter usuals as well, (deviled eggs, pie etc). The Easter Bunny somehow knew to come a day earlier for Ellie. He hid eggs all over the house and outside. And he brought a beautiful basket filled with lovely handmade (some mama made) toys and goodies. It was a good thing he did come Saturday, because Ellie came down with a fever on Sunday and was down most of the day.
hop wreath
ellies easter basket
hand painted easter eggs
look what came!
story egg
I had made Ellie this little Lambie Pie a few months ago. She loved getting it in her basket. And the egg was something we had picked up on a whim in the craft store a few weeks back. I thought it would be fun to create a “story egg” each year for her. I wood burned and then painted a pictorial story of Jack and The Beanstalk (her favorite these days).

The Easter Bunny hid a few eggs inside the house (a tradition of Jeff’s family) and he also hid some outside as well (traditionally the way my family did Easter). A few eggs had little bunny shaped crackers in them and a couple of mama made peg dolls too. The rest were eggs that Ellie and I had dyed with some vegetable dyes earlier in the week and then a few I had made with watercolor and inkΒ  the night before.
found one
Ellie’s play table was set up with a few new items as well. An adorable bunny set from TansyDolls and then her mama and dada sheep that came in her basket, for a little lamb she already had, made by Feathered Nest Studio. (Thank you ladies!!)
bunny board
the table
play space
bunny board
easter tree
cutie pie

We all ended the afternoon with a really nice, but chilly walk on the beach. Hope you all had a lovely Easter, Passover and/or Spring weekend!


4 thoughts on “Weekending: Easter Edition

  1. Oh my goodness you’re an amazing mama!! Love those eggs, gorgeous. It looks like you had a wonderful Easter! We did a treasure hunt outside )Scott always draws a map) and the girls got far more art supplies than chocolate πŸ™‚
    I hope you’re doing well! x

    • Thank you so much Isis!! A treasure hunt sounds like so much fun and with a map!! I love it!! Art supplies are so much better than chocolate (well, excepting dark chocolate with mint, that’s my favorite). πŸ˜‰

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