Finally getting to posting about the weekend. A rainy, rather chilly weekend, but a fun weekend none the less. We headed up to the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History for the morning. It was neat to see the way Ellie interacted with the exhibits this time, wanting to know more, wanting to press buttons and explore different things. We met up with friends to have lunch and then headed home for the afternoon. Sunday we took a chilly, windy walk on the beach and discovered the beach littered in these strange papery things. Curious to figure out what the heck they were, I discovered they were sail jellyfish that had washed ashore. Very strange, stinky and interesting.
The end of the weekend ended with a very over-tired toddler. She’s dropping naps every so often and then seeming to need them very badly the next day. Our routines have been a bit off these days, but hoping this week, we will find our rhythm again.
Hoping your weekend was a lovely one.


5 thoughts on “Weekending

  1. What a fun week-end. I think it was chilly all over. What weird weather we all have been having for sure! I hope your rhythm fins it’s way back to you. I know what you mean bout naps. We’ve had such an eclectic napping cycle here too. My Little Man can’t seem to decide between morning and afternoon naps. Very hard to plan around! xo

  2. You keep finding the neatest places to explore and I never knew there were such places down there. I don’t just mean the beaches, but there are often neat things to see there too, just not to pick up. Nice pics. You’re quite the photographer. Seems there are many wonderful things you are exploring too, besides these kinds with the family. Love, Gramma

  3. That looks like a very nice museum to visit and anytime at the shore is good.
    My babies all stopped taking naps by the time they were 1, so I moved bedtime 🙂

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