Our Days Before Christmas


We’ve been creating, crafting, Advent-ing (with my homemade one and this lovely one from Eric Carle). We’ve been playing with the Nutcracker paper dolls I found here as well as reading and listening to the music. We had a gingerbread scavenger hunt after our gingerbread men went missing. We’ve been “elving” and painting and sewing and making merry all month. And there’s more to come!! I just love this time of year. How about you? How are you enjoying this month?


One thought on “Our Days Before Christmas

  1. oh summer!! i LOVE it!!! what a beautiful season you are having!! we have been busier this year than we ever have been before and i feel that things are just starting to slow down. it has been crazy! i feel that we have missed out on a lot of the things we would typically do BUT we have had lots of other special things this year. i have done a terrible job documenting though. i have hardly grabbed my camera at all! oh well! šŸ™‚ loved checking in with you and feel so inspired by your holiday spaces and crafting.

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