Portrait Project

eloise: And here you are a happy, brave girl, waiting in line for a Christmas carnival ride (that by the way, I wouldn’t have dared stepped on by myself at your age), but you were adamant to ride something by yourself. You are quite something little girl!

eloise: I wouldn’t normally post a photo of your sad face, nor do I normally take photos of you when you are having such big emotions. But, this day you were happy as a clam one minute and upset or pouting about something else the next. I wanted to include one photo of the face I see just as much as that beautiful, sweet, happy face. Three has been pretty challenging. The ups and downs of emotions. The yelling. The demands. I’ve tried to get you through these emotions somewhat peacefully, but most days, I am at a loss as what to do. I felt this photo was both sad and beautiful, because it truly shows real life with this amazing, frustrating 3 year old. And as I tell you (and you often tell me), “I love you when you are angry, I love you when sad. I love you when you are happy. I love you when you are glad. I love you because you’re you.”

joining the 52 project!


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