A Birthday for Polar Bear Cub

Every morning, Ellie and Dada do a bit of reading. One of their favorites these days are the lovely Baby Bug‘s that I’ve had stored away till she was old enough. These are wonderful, little kid magazines, filled with rhymes and beautiful illustrations. In one of the Baby Bug’s, one of the recurring character’s (Kim from Kim and Carrots) throws a party for her stuffed animal. Well, naturally Ellie wanted to do the same for her Polar Bear Cub (the most coveted stuffed animal these days).
We made Polar Bear Cub a birthday crown (Just like Ellie’s).
tea party
Ellie set up some tea for all of us.
polar bear cub picture
Ellie painted Polar Bear Cub a painting and then drew a picture of Polar Bear Cub.
And we made Polar bear Cub a little playdoh cake. Complete with candles. šŸ˜‰
pbc blows his candles out and Polar bear Cub blew his candles out with help from Ellie. It was a birthday party success!!! After it was over, Ellie exclaimed…. “okay, now it’s my turn for a birthday!” hmmm…..