A Valentine Party


We went to a Valentine party today at a friend’s house. It was lovely and fun and I, of course, enjoyed making Valentine-y treats (I brought heart carrot cakes and heart cucumber open-face sandwiches. Ellie had worked on making valentines for her friends and I made some peg dolls to go with them. We wore our valentine best and enjoyed friends and yummy treats. The hostess had crafts for us to work on while there and she made beautiful little backpacks for each child to put their valentines in! It was so special! Ellie was thrilled she was able to take her home! A fun start to this Valentines’ Day weekend!
cucumber sandwiches
carrot cake
ellie bag
cutie pie


8 thoughts on “A Valentine Party

  1. Wow, I don’t remember having friends doing parties with me and my little ones, nor did I ever think about it other than on their birthdays and even then it wasn’t every year. Oh my, you young moms are so creative and can come up with the most beautiful, interesting and fun ideas. I love your carrot cake valentines, but then I love carrot cake. And your valentines and peg dolls and by the way I received mine yesterday and just love it but not as much as the magnificent portrait of me by Ellie. She must have really engaged with the Gramma peg doll to get the head, face, curly hair, eyes, nose mouth, ears even, just perfect. Got an up and coming artist there, just like you and me. Thanks sweet one.

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