A Week of love

Valentines Day is always a fun one for me. I’ve always embraced the loving aspect of showing the people you’re closest too how much you love them through handmade cards, lovely gifts and goodies. It’s my Dad’s fault. He was always spoiling us as kids with sweet V-Day goodies and I’ve always remembered how fun that was.
Valentines Day for us was a wonderful day of celebration. We started off with some heart pancakes and strawberries for breakfast and a little mini valentine scavenger hunt with cards I made for a Tasha Tudor swap.
Jeff made me a lovely love bird pastel and brought me home a beautiful bouquet of flowers. I got him a wonderful decadent box of handmade chocolates and made him a little mama bear, papa bear card.

Later that day we drove up the coast for a home school valentine party. I had set up some valentine heart sun catchers for the kids to make, we swapped valentines and there was, of course, lots of sweets!
Hope you had a lovely love day too!!!


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