The Early Bird Catches the Worm


This week was “worm week” in home school club. I put together a little lesson for the kiddos and we headed to a creek to dig for worms too. (I bought some red garden worms too, just in case we couldn’t find any, but we had no problem since we’ve had lots of rain these past few weeks).
I made each child their own felted worms to take home and for imaginary play and put together a  card so we could learn more about the parts of the worm. I will have a pdf of this available in my Etsy shop soon. I also found some great Montessori nomenclature cards for worms, we used this wonderful book and looked at one of Audubon’s paintings which depicted birds bringing worms to their baby birds.

We read Worm Weather and an old 70’s story about worms. We explored and gently handled the red worms in our bins and then headed down to the creek to see if we could find “wild” worms.

After finding all sorts of worms down in the creek and exploring and getting wet and muddy, we headed back up to do some sketching of our worms and then sat down to a fun treat of dirt cups and gummy worms!


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