It was a pretty busy weekend, which was good, it kept my mind off not knowing anything about Ellie (we found out the all clear test results Monday). Saturday, Ellie and Jeff spent the day together while I went to a friend’s fundraiser for children in child care and food programs. It was a painting/ silent auction style fundraiser and right on the beach too. Very enjoyable! I’m so proud of my dear friends who put the whole thing together as well.
Sunday I had a baby shower for a local Mama friend. A lovely morning with some good friends and lots of round baby bellies. The rest of the day was spent hanging at home, a little bit of sprinkler action to cool everyone off. It has been a hot few days.
Today I’m dealing with a little girl with a fever though. I swear, we never get through a summer without at least one bug. Hoping this one is a quick one. We have so much left to do before Fall is here (and it will be here before you know it). šŸ˜‰
IMG_7352 IMG_7356 IMG_7363


One thought on “Weekending!

  1. HEY! You ARE still here and blogging! I am sorry your little one was sick. Next time I play in Ventura I hope you can make it. And you painted that? My goodness… that is AWESOME.

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