Portrait Project

eloise: we had quite the scare these past two weeks. The Friday after your 3rd birthday, we went for your 3 year check up with the doctor. While pressing on your tummy, she found what she thought was a small abdominal mass. She wasn’t sure exactly what it was, but assured us it was probably nothing, but she would like us to get an ultrasound, just to make sure. The ultrasound was last Friday. You couldn’t nurse over night for the first time ever in your young life (you had to fast for the ultrasound). It was an incredibly difficult night. No one slept. You were a champ for the very long ultrasound, even though you broke down with anxiety and probably tiredness at the very end. You nursed in the parking lot afterwards. The emotions soaring through both of us. It was the longest week in a half of my life. Even though the doctor said there was probably nothing to worry about, the worst case scenarios filled my head. A future of uncertainty. I have never known fear like that. The results came back this afternoon…..  All clear. Everything looked great. The doctor must have mistaken your kidney or bladder for a mass. Biggest sigh of relief. A different future was laid out in front of me again. My girl was healthy. My heart full. My heart thankful.
It’s interesting, because when I got the news, I realized how very lucky we were. Some parents get the opposite news. My heart breaks for them. I truly am blessed to have this beautiful, amazing, healthy child in my life. I love you Ellie.


5 thoughts on “Portrait Project

  1. Not just scary, terrifying. I am so sorry you all had to go through this. One lives in fear enough as it is as one only wants a healthy happy life for one’s children and grandchildren, plus great grandchildren. I love you all so much. Hard to believe the doctor couldn’t tell the difference between the internal body parts. Might look into another pediatrician. So happy you can go back to being happy again, all of you. gramma

  2. Catching up in your space Summer. I am so sorry about all of this. I can only imagine how tough this must have been to go through. So very happy to hear that all the tests came back okay, and you have nothing to worry about.

    You are so right, we are lucky, blessed really, to have healthy children. So many families struggle with illness, watching their children suffer. It’s really not fair.

    Sending you all lots of hugs. xo

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