Portrait Project


eloise: You run through the grass and then all of a sudden plop down in a patch of clover. “Mama, Polar Bear Cub needs that flowers on hid head. <Mama makes a flower wreath for Polar Bear Cub and hands him over to you). “Oh, so pity you look now… wah, wah… Polar Bear Cub is crying. He need milk.”
Watching you care for your babies and stuffed animals (especiallt the mama-made ones) so gently, is such a joy for me to watch. I hope you always stay compassionate and caring to all the loved ones in your life.

-joining jodi for the 52 project!


15 Months!

ellie 15 months

15 months is here already! This little girl is growing fast! And she just keeps getting more fun! She loves dancing to music and sitting at her table. She has a fascination with chairs and getting into any she sees. She loves dressing her baby doll up and pushing her in the stroller. I occasionally am asked to “nurse” her baby dolls and animals these days when she’s needing some mid day “milky milk”. Daddy and I get lots of hugs and kisses from our sweet girl and we are also learning how to gently ease her through some tough moments as well. Toddler tantrums are in full swing as well. She’s so full of life and energy, it’s hard not to smile when you are around this little girl. We are loving her up!

* Every month I will be taking a photo of Ellie in her rocking chair with her “Pink Baby” (or any toy she deems worthy at the moment).

Portrait Project


beachy one year old

eloise: you are a one year old! Wow, did that go by quick! We had a lovely party to celebrate on sunday and then this picture was taken on your actual birthday, after dinner with your Nana and Papa, right before we headed home for the evening. You were quite happy scooping rocks up and digging into the chilly evening sand with your toes. You fell asleep on my chest that night, just as you had done a year ago, pink and brand new.  

-joining jodi for the 52 project!

Portrait Project


happy girleloise: you are one funny little girl these days. Exploring the house, getting into things, making mommy freak out about baby proofing everything… and you are one vocal little girl too! You love hearing the sound of your own voice, thus constant screaming, growling, dadadadaing and other such noises are constantly being heard throughout the house and everywhere we go. I like this shot of you because we get to see you in action, yelling with that gummy grin and trying to crawl outside to get to those doggies

*joining jodi for the 52 project

Portrait Project


boston tribute

eloise: It was a bit of a scary week with your Auntie Jenn running the Boston Marathon and your Uncle Matt there watching her. We quickly found out everyone we loved was safe but never-the-less your Mama and Daddy have been a bit emotional and frazzled. Your newfound moving all over the place and getting into things has kept us more than occupied though and I am so very thankful I have your sweet smile to look forward to every day. You are my sunshine! I gave you my Boston hat to try on and snapped a few shots of you. Boston is Daddy’s hometown and he is very proud of it. I love it too and I know you will as well. 

-joining Jodi for the 52 project.

Portrait Project


beach day

eloise: we spent a morning at Marina Park this week and I decided to lay the blanket out in the sand right by the ocean this time. It was fun seeing you dip your toes in the sand and scrunch them up trying to figure out if you liked the textures or not. You also enjoyed watching the waves crash against the shore. You sat watching the waves for awhile before I got you to look at me and smile for the camera. 

-joining Jodi for the lovely 52 project!

my favorites this past week were mary catherine’s beauties and the fantastic light she caught and this little darling!

Portrait Project


angel baby

Eloise: you had just woken from a nap when I took this picture. Your rosy cheeks and shining eyes made me smile a great big smile. You looked just like an angel. You’ve been sick with a head cold this week and it’s been a tough few days, on you,  Daddy (who got sick too) and Mama. I don’t like hearing you cry and not being able to make it all better. I’ve tried my best though with lots of cuddles, nursing, rocking and wearing you in the carrier. Get better my angel. I love you so. 

*joining jodi for the 52 project.

This week I loved the innocence of this portrait. These furry friends. And I think Jodi’s portrait of Che might be my favorite of hers so far (Poet is pretty darn cute as well).

Eloise’s Monthly Photo

ellie 7 mo

Ellie Boo Bear you are seven months old today! This has certainly been a month of milestones for you. You’ve been trying food and sitting up unassisted and scooting all over the place. We switched you out of your infant car seat and we’re crossing our fingers you like riding in the car better in this new, bigger car seat. You love when we sing to you and are starting to wave when people wave at you. You are our sunshine and we are loving watching you grow!

*I will be taking a picture of Eloise against her Gramma-made blanket, with her bunny every month till her first birthday.