Portrait Project


and she's movin'

eloise: and she’s movin’…

Last week’s photo’s were so fun! I loved this imaginative shot. This little peach just gets cuter by the week. And this family looks like they have fun every day of their lives!

-joining the lovely jodi and her 52 project!

Portrait Project


angel baby

Eloise: you had just woken from a nap when I took this picture. Your rosy cheeks and shining eyes made me smile a great big smile. You looked just like an angel. You’ve been sick with a head cold this week and it’s been a tough few days, on you,  Daddy (who got sick too) and Mama. I don’t like hearing you cry and not being able to make it all better. I’ve tried my best though with lots of cuddles, nursing, rocking and wearing you in the carrier. Get better my angel. I love you so. 

*joining jodi for the 52 project.

This week I loved the innocence of this portrait. These furry friends. And I think Jodi’s portrait of Che might be my favorite of hers so far (Poet is pretty darn cute as well).

Eloise’s Monthly Photo

ellie 7 mo

Ellie Boo Bear you are seven months old today! This has certainly been a month of milestones for you. You’ve been trying food and sitting up unassisted and scooting all over the place. We switched you out of your infant car seat and we’re crossing our fingers you like riding in the car better in this new, bigger car seat. You love when we sing to you and are starting to wave when people wave at you. You are our sunshine and we are loving watching you grow!

*I will be taking a picture of Eloise against her Gramma-made blanket, with her bunny every month till her first birthday.

Portrait Project


that tongue

eloise: oh that tongue! You are doing all sorts of interesting things with your tongue these days. Rolling it around in your mouth, over your little toothless gums, making raspberry noises with it, touching it to the roof of your mouth, twirling it into spiral shapes. You are having a grand ol’ time figuring out that tongue of yours.  

joining Jodi for the lovely 52 project!