Portrait Project



funny face

the portrait

(I couldn’t pick just one of these this week. If I had my way I would have put like seven more. But, I nailed it down to these three and I just couldn’t chose).

Eloise: This little outfit came in the mail from your great grandmother this week. You are very lucky to have two great grandmothers who love you very much and send you lovely, beautiful things, sometimes for no occasion at all. Mama thought you looked just precious in this outfit. I have a feeling this one will be made into a baby clothes quilt one day. 🙂

– joining Jodi for the 52 project! Please check out the other photos too. I am having so much fun looking at everyone’s amazing photos every week. It’s my new sunday late night ritual when Ellie has gone to sleep. Last week I loved this glamour shot, the colors and silliness in this one, and goldilocks herself in this one.


Portrait Project


that tongue

eloise: oh that tongue! You are doing all sorts of interesting things with your tongue these days. Rolling it around in your mouth, over your little toothless gums, making raspberry noises with it, touching it to the roof of your mouth, twirling it into spiral shapes. You are having a grand ol’ time figuring out that tongue of yours.  

joining Jodi for the lovely 52 project!