Portrait Project 2014



eloise: It’s the first week of January. This is the first portrait of the New Year. You’ll be seventeen months this coming week. You love climbing up on the couch now (what you did before I snapped this photo). You love your “Pink Baby (PB)”. You are still working on getting those teeth in. You are ridiculous adorable, if I do say so myself. 

“a portrait of Eloise, once a week, every week in 2014”

* I’m thrilled to be partaking in Jodi’s 52 project for a second year now. Oh what fun the first year was and what a memento we have with our 52 project book. I’m looking forward to documenting Ellie’s weeks this way and looking forward to how I will develop with my photography skills this year as well.

Portrait Project


that tongue

eloise: oh that tongue! You are doing all sorts of interesting things with your tongue these days. Rolling it around in your mouth, over your little toothless gums, making raspberry noises with it, touching it to the roof of your mouth, twirling it into spiral shapes. You are having a grand ol’ time figuring out that tongue of yours.  

joining Jodi for the lovely 52 project!