A Special Book

A special book made up of 52 weeks of photos arrived today! It’s such a lovely keepsake and I’m so glad I decided to go with a bigger book* than I usually go with. I spent one very, very late night working on putting this book together so we could have it for the New Year. I did not have anything organized prior to the other night and will do that very differently for the next 52 Project. My disorganization sure did make for a late night of cutting and pasting and retyping and trying to find the matching photos. But, the book got done, Ellie loves it and we spent the day enjoying the photos and the memories of last year.

* After much deliberation (or lack of time and organization, I went with Shutterfly (and their basic model in a 10 x 10 size … I wanted the photos to be the focus). Originally, I was planning on going with some one different and a little more artsy, but Shutterfly was easy and quick, I had worked with their products before and I had two coupons too (you can’t beat coupons). I’m very happy with the product. 

the book


portrait book




my book




ellie pics


more pics







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