A New Photography Project

So the year before I got pregnant, I wanted to start doing a yearly creative project. I had discovered The Sketchbook Project online and decided it was just the thing to get my creative juices flowing. It ended up being harder than I thought and although I did finish the project and there is a little journal of my silly drawings in the Brooklyn Art Library now, I didn’t quite put my heart and soul into the project. The following year, I stumbled across another great project. Emily’s Dollhouse challenge was just the thing to really get my creative juices flowing. I was really on a roll with this one (take a look back if you’d like) and then… I got pregnant and that project fell flat on its face. Fast forward to now. Ever since having the most beautiful baby in the whole wide world, I’ve been carrying my camera around like it was sewn onto me and I’m just really enjoying photography in general. It’s become my new hobby and I’m trying to read as much as I can about how to do it right. I joined in Jodi’s fun every week and when I came across this the other day from those same people who did The Sketchbook Project, I thought it might just be a good thing to get me thinking about more than babies and cute family pictures. So every so often, I’m going to post what I’m doing for this photography project. I’m excited and a bit anxious to see if I can do it. This week’s prompt was difficult and it’s only the first week.

Things Found: The Letter A (the letter A, hidden in every day places and objects, anywhere but in an intentional letter A)


sewing A

tree A

nature A


Portrait Project



eloise: this week you’re experimenting with sounds. we’ve heard lalala, dada, and mamama and it’s just so fun to hear you’re beautiful voice. 


*loving this che and fidel  52 project. What fun it is to see all these amazing, beautiful photos of other peoples babies and families every week. You must check it out!