Eloise’s Monthly Photo

ellie 7 mo

Ellie Boo Bear you are seven months old today! This has certainly been a month of milestones for you. You’ve been trying food and sitting up unassisted and scooting all over the place. We switched you out of your infant car seat and we’re crossing our fingers you like riding in the car better in this new, bigger car seat. You love when we sing to you and are starting to wave when people wave at you. You are our sunshine and we are loving watching you grow!

*I will be taking a picture of Eloise against her Gramma-made blanket, with her bunny every month till her first birthday.


6 thoughts on “Eloise’s Monthly Photo

  1. My little one is 7 months old too. What an age! And she is crawling (mainly backwards) and waving a little too. Happy 7 months Eloise Harper!

  2. Happy 7 months, Eloise Harper! Gosh – I remember when Bea was that age…when we moved her to the ‘big-girl’ car seat…it all goes so fast. Now she is 18 months old!

    What a lovely picture and document 🙂 Enjoy every moment!

  3. Yes – Bea’s full name is Beatrix Gracie. We chose Beatrix as it means ‘blessed/blessing and a bringer of joy’. Today we went to visit the mobile library and she had a mini ‘moment’. Personality growing, developing and emerging fast, too! Hahah!

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