Daddy Wears Her

dad and me

close up dad and me

daddy and ellie

jeff and ellie

My mom found this picture of my Dad wearing me in a baby carrier when I was maybe a year old. I fell in love with the picture and it now has a home perched on top of a shelf displayed in our family room. I guess it just speaks to me with all the babywearing we have done with Ellie and how important babywearing has been to us in these early months with her. My dad is and always has been a fantastic father but I didn’t peg him for being the babywearing type and to see this picture of my young father smiling ear to ear with a very happy mini me on his back just makes me warm and fuzzy all over. It reminds me of my wonderful husband and how he has taken so much to wearing Ellie on our daily walks with the dogs or out and about the town. Ellie loves being in the carriers. She dislikes riding in the stroller and needs to be very close to us the majority of her days. So, from her first few weeks of life we have used carriers to keep her secure and feeling safe and she seems to be happy as a clam as long as she’s pressed up against one of us. I love that she is so happy riding along with us and the picture of me and my Dad just reminds me of how special babywearing can be. I hope Ellie looks back on the pictures of Jeff wearing her in a carrier with fondness too one day. I know Ellie’s Daddy feels very connected any time he wears her in a carrier and what’s more special than the bond between a Daddy and his baby girl?


3 thoughts on “Daddy Wears Her

    • I like too, and that lovely vase looks very familiar on the chest next to the photo. You looked great, Grandpa. NIce curly hair and all.

      • yes, I saw it at mom and dad’s and asked if I could have it. I always loved it and didn’t know it belonged to you. Hope you don’t mind me having it? I think the frame is yours as well. 🙂

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