march is here

tree in the yard

tomato seedlings

sun tea

teething on gramma

happy with nana

the makings of shrimp scampi

happy babe


baby girl teething

March is here! Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit to a new month! After a pretty tiring and non-productive first week of March with a teething baby who was needing Mama a whole lot more than normal, the weekend finally came. As quickly as it came, it was gone. Jeff took his parents hiking on the Channel Islands while Ellie and I went yard-sailing with my parents.We spent lots of time outside. It was so warm, I made sun tea. More plans for our garden were made including plans for a tomato raised bed. Ellie is enjoying all sorts of new skills (sitting and reaching, scooting around) and chewing on everything (including Gramma’s chin).  Shrimp scampi made by the husband ended the weekend right. It went fast and I didn’t get nearly as much done as I would have liked but there’s always next weekend. Right? How was your weekend?

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6 thoughts on “Weekending!

  1. Not as busy and lovely as yours, but it was nice, pretty much the same every weekend. We went out for breakfast on Sunday at our favorite place in Anacortes, enjoy the waitresses as much as our dearest friends, as they love us, look forward to our Sunday visits and miss us when we don’t show up. Then off to the co-op for our healthy foodstuffs, then home to relax, have a small lunch then Earl takes his nap while I read or go on the computer, do some of my PT exercises or just stuff. Then we get out with Emily if it’s nice which it was this past weekend, and that’s the next best part of our Sunday. Saturdays always laundry after Earl scrambles some eggs late in the morning, and the rest of that day is the usual stuff we do just about every day of the week, with a few doc appointments here and there, or as today doggie eyeball appt in Bellingham and split pea soup at that Colophon Cafe we’ve gone to for years. Did we ever take you up there? However, while at the co-op I admired a neat artsy craftsy shirt a neat looking lady had on and asked where she bought it. She told me at a particular secondhand store in town, so I asked where that was, how cute her shirt/sweater was, etc, and for fun, said would you like to sell it. She pulled it over her head and said, here, you have it. I of course, said no, no, no, I was kidding, but she insisted, put it over where I was holding on to the checkout and would not take it back. She was so delighted to give it to me, but I was shocked. It was so cool, and so I appreciatively took it with thanks, several of them, and now I have a chance to pay if forward. People can be so wonderful, big hearted, and it’s lovely when you meet those kind. Always makes me wonder, why is it so hard for us all to get along. Hope this wasn’t too long, but I enjoyed your blog so much this time, loved the Gramma pics and all your neat little growing things on window sills, all of it. So had to share our weekend with you and whoever reads the replies. Love you all. Gramma

  2. What a lovely photo essay of your weekend 🙂

    Ah yes, teething…our daughter is now 18 months old and she is still teething! Hahah! Enjoy every moment – motherhood is quite the journey isn’t it? So beautiful and blessed.

    Thanks so much for visiting my space. Yours is lovely. See you soon 🙂

    • she is loving sitting up even though all of my early child training says to not put her into any position they can’t get into themselves. I can’t help it though. She is so proud when we sit her up. And she’s finally doing it without us having to be right there in case she tips over.

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