Weekending: 1st Birthday Edition

We had a very Happy 1st Birthday this weekend! Ellie turned one (or actually will turn one officially tomorrow) and we celebrated with lots of friends and family at our house. Ellie seemed to have a wonderful time and just kept playing and socializing and going and going… Oh what a joy today was and what pure joy our little Eloise Harper has brought to our lives.

one wreath

oh happy day


banana muffins

close up balloon

butterflies in the sky

ribbon highschair

the dessert table

11 months




the birthday crawl

birthday gal plays

my pretty girl

daddy look!

mama fun

playing in the balls

banana cupcake muffin



the grandparents

lovely day

Credits to all the lovely people who helped make today wonderful:

Hot Air Balloons: handmade by my mom (I helped)

oh happy day and lovely day signs:  handmade by me

one wreath: handmade by me

Ellie’s dress: handmade by my mom

Ellie’s bib: handmade by Cory of Dreaming of Pastures

Ellie’s crown: etsy shop Dream Child

Ellie’s month by month cards were made: using these people

and thank you to Jeff’s wonderful family for all the set up help and to everyone that made it. It was so wonderful having my friends and their babies there, grandparents, great grandparents (one whom was here and the other was here in spirit through the beautiful painting she sent for Ellie), cousins, neighbors… so many loved ones! Thank you all for a very special day! 

*joining Amanda at The Habit for Weekending!


11 thoughts on “Weekending: 1st Birthday Edition

  1. Wish I could have been there and thought about you all weekend, especially yesterday. The photos tell it all, mostly smiles on everyone’s face, the lovely weather was obvious, and it looks like Mom and you did so much handiwork to bring it all off. Love the hot air balloons. Amazing, all of it, a first birthday to remember, for everyone but the princess. One day she will enjoy all your great photos and how much love you have for her and how much fun you make life every day. I love you all so much.

  2. love, love, love (!!!) this post! so beautiful! i especially love the hot air balloons and the pics on the line…and the teepee! it’s all so wonderful! happy birthday, eloise harper – you are so blessed to have such a wonderful mummy and daddy, and i am certain you bring them so much joy! xo

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  4. Happy Birthday Ellie!! Absolutely love those balloons, and the crown, what a beautiful birthday girl! It looks like it was a wonderful celebration.

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