A Handmade Bunny

bunny front


bunny tail

bunny by the books

I can’t help myself. I know it’s not Easter yet but I just had to share what I made for Ellie. We didn’t quite budget enough for the bunny I had my eyes on for Ellie’s first Easter basket (we realized Easter landed in March this year a little too late). I started pouting and throwing an “I hate budgets” tantrum when I came across another bunny I adored on Etsy. This time though, I thought I could probably make it myself. So I found some leftover chenille from Jeff’s quilt and some spring-timeish fabric and whipped up Ellie’s very own completely hand sewn Easter bunny. Another product of those long nursing sessions and napping in my arms that’s been happening lately. I was so impressed with myself I forgot all about wanting to buy her a bunny. I’m itchin’ to make more- so I’ve already started a new little softie with the rest of the chenille… who knows, maybe I’ll be selling on Etsy someday soon.

 a new little guy


7 thoughts on “A Handmade Bunny

    • yeah, that budget is a tough one but as much as I loathe it, I’m finding it’s making me a better person. I’m making more things, I’m thinking about how better to save money and when I do buy things, I try and buy second hand (or handmade and local). My thrifting skills are getting much better! ๐Ÿ™‚

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