Baby Food Fun

getting ready

So baby food. Just when I was feeling like I was mastering the whole breast-feeding thing, Ellie starts reaching for food, sitting up unassisted and losing that tongue thrust. All tell-tale signs she’s probably ready for solids. We are starting a bit later than others but I wanted to follow her lead and make sure I wasn’t pushing anything on her that she, or I wasn’t ready for. But, let me tell you. Making baby food is a daunting task. I wanted to do more of a baby-led weaning approach, but I am not so confident or comfortable with giving her chunks of food just yet, so I’m opting to begin with some purees and then go from there. I’ve been pretty much grinding food that Jeff and I are having for breakfast, lunch and dinner in a food mill and offering that to her a couple times a day in between nursing sessions. She’s had sweet potato, bananas, squash, applesauce, broccoli, pears, peas, avocado and carrots. She’s surprisingly a bigger fan of the veggies. This weekend I boiled yellow and pink beets and then pureed them in the food processor. She really enjoyed the beets!

* the deliciously adorable bib is courtesy of this lovely lady! Find her darling hand-made’s here!


beets on hand

beets oh!




7 thoughts on “Baby Food Fun

    • We have tried a few of the jars (stuff I’m not finding in season like apricots or things I’m not sure how to puree myself like prunes). But, she really does seem to prefer the homemade versions. We also have two baby food mills that I use when we all sit down together. I’ll pop a little piece of sweet potato or broccoli in from my dinner, mill it up and scoop it out for her. I think that’s a great tool to start with. Hoping soon it will be all we need.

  1. Hurrah! Well done, Ellie, and well done you, Mama! Bea’s favourite in the beginning was broccoli. Now she likes rice – with chilli, or a stir fry, or a curry! Just go with what feels right for you and Ellie. They change so quickly and go through so many different phases. I told you about Bea’s only rice cakes and houmous phase, right? That made me really concerned and anxious! Eeep. Good luck and enjoy 🙂 looks like she is thoroughly enjoying what your serving up 🙂

    • Thanks Renee! Every day is a new adventure! It sounds like Bea likes her spice! That’s so neat! I just read something about not being shy about introducing spicy foods, that its good for a baby’s palate and they will let you know if they like it or not right away. Sounds like Bea has quite the palate already! 🙂

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