Sprucing Up The Corners

sprouted broccoli

a new display

the whole shebang

It’s spring time and I find myself constantly looking at corners of my home, wanting to spruce them up, change out pictures, clean up areas and bring a more “springy” look to them. Here is one corner I spruced up a bit recently. Taking away some of the autumn colors and adding  a bit of green here and there. Some of our broccoli in the garden began to flower and so in the vase it goes. I think it’s rather lovely. Don’t you?

*The beautiful watercolor painting is by this lovely lady (who happens to be my grand mother).


Happy Spring!

spring 2013


Happy Spring! (Sorry I’m posting this so late. My mom’s birthday yesterday and my Mother-in-law’s today, plus a seven month old baby makes blogging regularly sometimes difficult. But better late than never). I thought I would start a new season with a list. A list of things I’d like to get done, accomplish, work on etc. I was inspired by this lady who does it on a monthly basis, but I didn’t want to put that kind of pressure on myself. These days we go with the flow and try not to get discouraged if things in life get to crazy or messy. But, lists are always good to help one get on track and help in creating routine and rhythm, so I thought I would start today. The first day of spring. How about you? What’s on your spring list?