Portrait Project


naked baby

eloise: you are all of a sudden moving! Scooting and kind of crawling and just getting places. You haven’t quite mastered the art of synchronizing those hands and knees to get a real crawl going, but boy that scoot and drag you have going on is certainly getting you places. You resemble an inch worm, inching along at a pretty good pace. We are definitely putting baby gates in the budget for next month. 

*joining Jodi for the lovely 52 project!

My favorites from last week are blue eyed Jessica, the fact that there are new babies being born throughout this project and how can you resist a child and their books.


11 thoughts on “Portrait Project

  1. what a sweetie. I agree with Allison, it’s mind blowing how quick they learn new skills. My little boy started crawling backwards before finding his forward gear. That was half his life ago now and he’s up on his feet and parroting more and more words each day. Enjoy every minute x

  2. Hey there, stopping by from Che’s 52 project…how cute is little baby walking around! My fav from last week’s pics …my little daughter never crawled, bum shuffled straightaway…your portrait reminds me of all those pampers beautiful and cute advertisements 🙂
    Ritz xo

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