A Very Merry Half Birthday To You

Eloise 6 months

Yesterday Ellie turned Six months old! A half of a year! Wow! It’s just flying by, but I am soaking it all in and taking plenty of pictures too. You are becoming so animated and lively these days. You are practicing all sorts of sounds. Sometimes you will spend a day rolling the mamamama’s and dadadada’s and lalala’s around in your mouth and other days you go right back to the familiar raspberries you have so mastered and forget about the new word-like sounds. Lately you’ve taken to this growling noise. Sometimes you growl when your diaper is wet, other times you growl before you get tired and sometimes you just growl because it’s a cool, new noise you’ve figured out how to make. You are moving your body into all sorts of positions, rolling over, scooting on your belly and sitting up on your own with assistance. Pretty soon you will be crawling away from Mama I’m sure. We love you so very much my baby girl. Keep smiling and singing those sleepy songs. We are very excited to see what tomorrow brings!

* I will be taking a picture every month for Ellie’s first year with her bunny and her Gramma-made t-shirt quilt.


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