Eloise’s Monthly Photo and {this moment}

8 months

Okay so there are words involved with this week’s this moment but Ellie’s monthly photo falls on a Friday this month so I had to include both!

{this moment} “A single photo. No words. Capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.” -joining Soulemama!

this moment with dad

Happy Friday! Have a fantastic weekend!


Eloise’s Monthly Photo

ellie 4 mo

Oh my sweet baby girl! Already four months old! We are really starting to get to know you. You love your mama but give out smiles to many. You love being carried in the Ergo carrier and just recently graduated out of the infant insert! You’re holding your head up so well and love dancing with Daddy. We love you baby girl!

I will be taking Ellie’s picture every month, with her bunny, against her special, handmade by Gramma t-shirt quilt until her first birthday. Inspired by Lolalina.

Eloise’s Monthly Photo

One of my favorite bloggers, Laura at Lolalina, started these adorable monthly photos with her own baby boy. I loved them so much I had to start doing it with my own baby girl. The first month was a little busy so the monthly photo was taken but never put up. This month I got it done and I’m even getting it up on the day (even if it’s technically the night). I will be taking Eloise’s picture every month, with her bunny, against her special t-shirt quilt (Handmade by Gramma) until her first birthday.

Here is last month’s picture too…