Slow Days



napping room

quiet house

putting the tent away



the dining room

These have been slow days. Lots of napping, lots of walks in the early morning before the heat settles in and walks in the evening after dinner when the beachy fog cools everything off. The tent has been taken down and besides our walks we’ve kept inside, trying to clear this yucky cold from our sinuses and chests. Lots of nursing, lots of tea, lots of naps under the fan… lots of quiet, slowness, so that we can get well and begin our summertime play.


The Little Things




flowers bloom


char rests in the sun

It’s the little things this week that I’m finding joy in. The first strawberries ready to be picked. Playful days in the warm sun. Tomato seedlings ready to be transplanted. Beautiful flowers on our daily walks. Broccoli heads growing even in the midst of a terrible aphid invasion. My funny dog enjoying her new spot of warmth. It’s these things and so much more that I am thankful for.

Eloise’s Monthly Photo

One of my favorite bloggers, Laura at Lolalina, started these adorable monthly photos with her own baby boy. I loved them so much I had to start doing it with my own baby girl. The first month was a little busy so the monthly photo was taken but never put up. This month I got it done and I’m even getting it up on the day (even if it’s technically the night). I will be taking Eloise’s picture every month, with her bunny, against her special t-shirt quilt (Handmade by Gramma) until her first birthday.

Here is last month’s picture too…