yard sailing


new bib!


the zoo!


zoological gardens 1




daddy and ellie at the zoo

the fam damily

mama and ellie

a good day at the zoo

This weekend was full of yard sailing (I found a lovely vase), new spring reading material (I am very much enjoying by the way), a new adorable bib came in the mail from a fellow blogger, and we took Ellie to the zoo for the first time! I was very excited and anxious about the whole thing. My parents and sisters decided to join us as well and it turned out to be a very nice day. Nothing to be anxious about in the least. Ellie seemed more interested in the fountains and bars surrounding the animals and it was a little hot for the animals (we didn’t see many awake) but none the less a very fun first time at the zoo for baby girl. The grandparents bought her a zoo book and our weekend ended with a just that- a zoo story before bed.

How was yours?