Release The Lady Bugs

We have a serious aphid problem in the garden. My brussel sprouts which were growing beautifully are all of a sudden covered in aphids. I was debating cutting them all down but thought I should try bringing in the troops first. We’ve had some luck before with ladybugs and our balcony garden in Orange County. This seems like a bigger job but I thought I’d give it a try before doing anything rash like chopping everything down. Ellie and I went to the garden store and picked up a bag o’ ladybug as well as some praying mantis eggs (hoping they hatch  and start munching away on the bad bugs soon). I released the lady bugs that morning and it was certainly a sight to see. I love watching them do their thing. I’m sure our neighbors think I’m quite strange rooting on the ladybugs as they find and devour those nasty green aphids that are destroying my garden. We shall see in a few days if the lady bugs were bug enough to take on such a feat as my garden… for now, I leave you with lady bug pictures!

lady bug 1

ladybug 2

lady bug 3

ladybugs go marching

crawling away


3 thoughts on “Release The Lady Bugs

  1. that’s great!I HATE aphids and as I love all the brassicas (cauliflower, broccoli, kale, brussel sprouts..the list goes on..) they are my nemesis! this year I’ve designed what I call anti-aphid beds. I’m growing garlic or onions near the brassicas and herbs like oregano, sage as they apparently hate strong smells. I am also growing lots of dill, which I strongly dislike just to attract more lady bugs! apparently they like frilly leaves like those of carrots, parsley, celery as well. yay for ladybugs!

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